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Goat on yoga mat with yogis in down dog  I  Pint Fermin  I  San Pedro Kombucha

Bored of your regular yoga routine?Ever attend a yoga class where you can't stop laughing? Try a goat yoga class for the best face-workout ever! Your cheeks will feel sore from smiling so much. You can't help but smile the whole time pygmy goats are hippity hopping on your mat and body. And the laughter is absolutely infectious as those around you giggle over what they are experiencing.

If you have never been to goat yoga and do not know what to expect, let me take a moment to describe what it entails and answer some FAQ's you might have. Goat yoga is like a regular yoga class, lead by a certified yoga instructor, but with the added perks of having tiny fur friends wandering around. To make this wandering equatable and to make sure the goats don't stay in one spot chewing on the corner of a person's yoga mat, the goat wranglers shake containers of treats to entice the goats to follow them through the line up of yogis either over their backs, or between their legs.

Goat Yoga goat on the back of two yogis  I  Pint Fermin  I  San Pedro Kombucha


1. "Does it hurt?" No, these are very tiny goats, and the larger goats have little goat-boots on as you can see in the photo above.

2. "Are the goats potty-trained?" Nope, and yes they do leave little poo-pellets on your yoga mat sometimes. But don't worry, these poo-pellets are dry, do not smell, and are easily brushed away by either yourself or a goat wrangler carrying a dustpan and hand-broom. This is why goat yoga is an outdoor activity and is also beneficial for fertilizing one's lawn.

3. "What if I don't want a goat on my back?" Then just sit up and it will jump right off. Goats won't take it personally; they will just move on to the next person and come back to try again later in case you changed your mind.

4. "How does that work with Savasana?" Well, it doesn't - so they don't even bother. No one wants goat hooves to the gut now do they? Instead, class ends by either laying on your stomach for relaxation, or standing in a group circle with your arms intertwined with your neighbors, bent in a forward fold, to create a race track for the goats to play on. (See picture above.)

5."Why would I even want to do goat yoga?" This last question, or sometimes it's the first question I get, is a two part answer: A. 'Why not?' and B. 'It's for a good cause.' In this case, the good cause was to raise money for building homes for the working poor.

Baja Bound Charity House Building  I  Pint Fermin  I   San Pedro Kombucha

On September 14th, 2019 Pint Fermin attended our second goat yoga event, this time at a private residence, benefiting Baja Bound, a non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of the working poor by providing homes and resources. We volunteered to bring chamomile spice kombucha to flavor the after yoga mimosas (which we call 'Champbuchas') and donated a portion of the proceeds from our kombucha sales to Baja Bound. If you would like to make a donation or become a part of the build team visit https://bajabound.org/

I'd like to say thanks to Marina and Tony for graciously opening their home and hearts for this wonderful event. And thank you to Michelle and her wonderful team of goat wranglers who bring so much joy to yoga; check out their calendar to find out when the next goat yoga event is https://www.hellocritter.com/

And thank you to all of the participants who attended! It was wonderful getting to meet so many new people who are excited for great tasting kombucha. Marina and I look forward to having a beginner brewing workshop in the future for those of you interested in attending.

If you miss the great taste of Pint Fermin Kombucha already, the next event you can find us at will be the Fall Festival at the South Coast Botanic Garden on October 12th - 13th from 11am - 5pm. But don't wait because we will sell out of our limited edition pumpkin spice kombucha.

Fall Festival Chamomile Pumpkin Spice Kombucha  I  Pint Fermin  I  San Pedro