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Type 'DIY yoga mat spray' into any search engine and you'll get similar recipes popping up. The common ingredients -filtered water, drops of essential oil, and some kind of acid like witch hazel or vinegar.

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With that in mind, and with the Grand Opening Party for Fit Culture Pilates just one day away, I decided to create a new yoga mat spray using kombucha.

Kombucha is acidic (which is why it is so great for your skin in beauty products) so why not swap out one acidic liquid for another? Instead of using witch hazel or vinegar, I opted to use an organic red rooibos tea kombucha (aged for over 2 months so no sugar is remaining).

And, instead of using flowery or minty essential oils, I opted for thieves. A friend of mine sells oils for Young Living and gave me a bottle of thieves spray hand sanitizer that I keep in my car and use for post grocery cart touching moments.

Thieves oil supposedly (Not FDA tested) "neutralizes bacterial and viral pathogens." And since my yoga mat is where my face and my feet share space, who wouldn't want bacterial and viral pathogens neutralized? Kombucha also has antiseptic properties so with that addition we have even more germ fighting power!

Now that you're thinking about it, I bet you're a little grossed out and wished you cleaned your yoga mat a bit more often. Well fear not, come to the pop up event at Fit Culture Pilates to get a bottle of all natural yoga mat spray - 2 oz for $10.

Its worth it to alleviate the fear of foot fungus growing on your face, and to have just a hint of that pleasant spicy scent of cloves and cinnamon each time your third eye touches your mat.

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